This guide is incomplete. Please see the !commands command guide page for creating commands.

Custom Commands

Custom commands can be created via two different methods, either by typing the desired command into your stream chat, or by creating it via the GUI.

Before attempting to create a custom command, please review the custom command types. These types will help create the desired effect of the command.

Command Types

Command Type



Counter commands are used for keeping count of something, such as Deaths or Kills. The number tracked by the counter will stay around forever, until changed or reset.


Hotkey commands are used for triggering hotkeys on the broadcasters computer.


Points commands are used for viewing a specific loyalty point type. This is not a built-in command due to custom loyalty points being allowed, as well as multiple loyalty point types being allowed per channel.


Sound, or SFX, commands are used for triggering sound clips.


Text commands are for outputting text in the general chat. This is generally information that can be visible to everyone, and isn't sensitive.


Whisper commands are for outputting text in the form of whispers. This can be used if you want to keep clutter out of the public chat, or if you need to display sensitive information.

Chat Command

GUI Window

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